Trying video – AKA Running with the bulls

Update: MSN SoapBox is shutting down so I moved the video over to YouTube.

Windows Live Writer offers an add-in that enables you to insert video. I wanted to give that a shot so I thought I’d upload an old video with made from TechEd Barcelona a few years ago.

I also needed a place to store it so I tried out Soapbox on MSN as the place I uploaded it to. The upload process was very easy and is tied to my Live account so I didn’t need to create any new registrations to get it up there. Processing took forever though but I’m willing to admit that I didn’t read any documentation on what format it should be in or how to make processing go faster.

The video is actually stitched together from a 15 & 30 second clips that could be recorded on digital cameras. We didn’t actually have a video camera with us so different people took different clips and at the end I stitched them all together with Windows Movie Maker. The quality isn’t great but it gives a taste of the trip we made to Pamplona to run with the bulls.

TechEd Europe was located in Barcelona that year. Dave Wascha and I were talking about what we could do after the end of the show and we came up with the idea of traveling to Pamplona to run with the bulls. At the start of the week we asked a ton of people and everyone was keen to do it. Oh how the interest waned as we got closer to the date. One particular guy, Ari Bixhorn, talked an outstanding game at the start of the week about how he was going to run but then on the night we were leaving he suddenly had to be somewhere else.

Anyway, the group of us went to the speaker dinner (held in the Park Guell) and then around 0230 got into a van and drove the 6 hours or so to Pamplona. Once there we lined up in the starting area in our red speaker shirts and waited for the event to start.

A few observations from that:

  1. The locals were very concerned about the red shirts. Traditional dress is white with a red sash around the waist. We sort of went for the reverse. They kept trying to swap our shirts for rolled up newspapers. They were convinced this was a good idea.
  2. Rolled up newspapers are used, apparently, by the locals to ward off bulls. I can see the logic to that, you have over a ton of pissed off bull so of course a thin rolled up newspaper will totally scare it off.
  3. We didn’t take them up on the offer.
  4. Little old ladies on their way home from the markets don’t give a rats about the crowd and the bull running. Many people in front of us were hit by the old lady carrying a bag of oranges as a polite request to clear a path.
  5. Old ladies in black, carrying bags of oranges, climbing 7 foot wooden fences are just funny.
  6. The only way to get into the stadium without paying is to do so by running with the bulls. There were more people in the stadium than in the path with the bulls. The economy of Spain must have been good that year.
  7. It is way cool to watch the bulls enter the stadium at a great rate of knots and then go looking for something to gore.
  8. It is way uncool to find out that they lock you in the stadium with said bulls.
  9. It is way uncooler to find out that the crowd thinks it is funny to throw people who vault the walls back into the stadium.
  10. If a bull is charging at you, adopting the classical mammalian response of staying real still will not make it miss you.
  11. When running away from a bull, keep you head on a swivel. The bull you’re running away from may be less dangerous than the bull you’re running into.
  12. Thankfully a lot of the locals don’t keep their head on a swivel and the following bull is easily distracted by the flying body.

So with no further delay – Here is the video:

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