Star Trek – The Wrath of Paperwork

The actual transcript is a bit not safe for work due to swear words but I thought I’d drop this quote in here: 

If you ever see the television series again, don’t watch the actors in the stories out front, going on in the scene; watch the people in the back, who’re working away in all these cardboard and flashing lights, essentially, ‘cause it’s just a set, and they’re going, “I’ll pull lever B now…” There’s a lot of clipboard work, have you noticed? People go around on clipboards, going, “Yes, you’ve got a machine, well done… And the machine… would you like to sign on that? Thank you…” With a clipboard, there’s a lot of clipboard people in there.

I never thought about this but he’s absolutely right. If the future was accurately represented by TOS then apparently all of the productivity benefits will be taken up with additional paperwork.

Thinking about it, they may have been right….

Source: cake or death: an eddie izzard site:: Unrepeatable Transcript

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