Visual Studio 2010 and the new editor

As you may know we’re rebuilding the editor inside VS to be a lot more extensible. Here are some screenshots that show the type of thing you can do with VS10.

1. DevExpress Rich Comments – This add-in was written by DevExpress and it shows how you can create more compelling code commentary by linking to images held in TFS to comment the specific code files. In this case it is the Architectural Sequence Diagram for the CCTransaction.cs Class.

2. XML Comment rendering – This was the addition that ScottGu showed at the PDC. The reason this is cool is that it shows creating an add-in that interacts with the editor surface. This was very hard with Visual Studio prior to VS10. The image below shows the comment being rendered richly.

3. As for #2 above but in this case the image shows the standard XML doc comment rendering – You can see the button “(( ))” on the right side of the editor surface.

4. Method History Add-in – This image shows that you can do extremely rich interactions with the code, editor surface & overall IDE in VS10. In the image below I have an example add-in that queries TFS to provide method history in a visual way. We’re not delivering this as part of VS10 directly (we may release the add-in as a ‘power toy’ sample etc)

5. Document Map Margin – In the image below you can see the add-in sitting attached to the page gutter. This is a great example of how you can use the new add-in ability to provide easier understanding and access to the structure of the application code.

6. MicroV – This screen shot really doesn’t do justice to what we are planning to offer here – MicroV is a versioning add-in that talks to TFS and gets the change history for the file. You can then move the visual control (the caret on the bottom of the blue section) between changesets and visually see the change in the source code (highlighted in yellow in the image below). This makes it easy for a developer to understand the changes without using the traditional line by line parallel document display model.

The team has done a great job on the editor and extensibility.

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