There probably is this school of App design

From an email thread today:

So apparently the BG Roadmap tool comes from the Schopenhauer school of application development (“Life without pain has no meaning”) – BG Roadmap certainly gave my last 2 hours new meaning….

One of the big problems I have with this tool is that it seems I can’t save work in progress or if I can the tool gives no indication that the work has actually been saved.

A little gratuitous guidance to LOB developers, if your app requires that I create a bunch of stuff to complete a transaction then let me save a transaction in progress so that if I discover I need to take time to build something then I can go away and do so without needing to re-enter all my information.

Then again maybe it was just that the round trip speed in the app was so glacial that I didn’t want to have to do the stuff again.

Fix either one of the problems (in fact fix the round trip speed – please).

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