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There’s an extension for that

Here is a funny little video I picked up that uses the “There’s an app for that” format to show some of the great extensibility in Visual Studio 2010. For more information on extending VS 10 check out the Visual … Continue reading

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There probably is this school of App design

From an email thread today: So apparently the BG Roadmap tool comes from the Schopenhauer school of application development (“Life without pain has no meaning”) – BG Roadmap certainly gave my last 2 hours new meaning…. One of the big … Continue reading

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Sent in email earlier today

With apologies to Douglas Adams: Do you really want me to send another email summarizing the 2 original summary mails? If so should I also print out my summary in triplicate, send it in, send back out, lose it, find … Continue reading

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Phrases I shouldn’t use in meetings

My one for today was “It’s not that I don’t understand; it’s just that I think you’re wrong”.

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Visual Studio 2010 and the new editor

As you may know we’re rebuilding the editor inside VS to be a lot more extensible. Here are some screenshots that show the type of thing you can do with VS10. 1. DevExpress Rich Comments – This add-in was written … Continue reading

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Latin phrases for Friday

Here are some that may be useful: Sulum huic cella est iam stolidus pro having auditor prurigo. EGO award vos haud cuspis , quod may Deus have misericordia in vestri animus. Orationem pulchram non habens, scribo ista linea in lingua … Continue reading

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Old Code Never Dies

Running the Beta of Windows 7and what do I see: Those of you familiar with the 16 bit codebase for Windows will remember this message. It reminds me of the apocryphal story of the MIL-SPEC and Railways: The US Standard … Continue reading

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